Aqua Farm Self Cleaning Fish Tank.. want these for the betas, but they are pricey

Aqua Farm Self Cleaning Fish Tank. want these for the betas, but they are pricey This isn't enough space for a Betta fish to live in.Fish have a life too they aren't just for show.

How to build a trombe wall....a glassed in masonry wall that heats a home using passive solar.

How to build a trombe wall.a glassed in wall that heats a home using passive solar. This sort of passive heat collector works,phenomenally well. A nice little indoor greenhouse can be built in front of the wall to take advantage of the heat in winter

The Solar Charging iPad Case - Hammacher Schlemmer

Solar Charging iPad Case - provides up to 10 days use w/o the need for a charge. Solar panel uses a new technology that converts both indoor and outdoor light into electricity that constantly charges an iPad. Has a built-in stainless steel stand.

Colorful Solar Powered Bottle Lights

Colorful Solar Powered Bottle Lights Our Solar Bottle Lights are a festive and functional way to light your garden, deck or patio at night. Solar panels absorb sun's energy by day, and glow hours on a full charge.

Live Anywhere in the World with a Solar-Powered Ecocapsule

Image 1 of 12 from gallery of Live off the Grid in Nice Architects’ Wind and Solar-Powered Ecocapsule. Courtesy of Nice Architects

Container Architecture

The Container Guest House, designed by Poteet Architects, is a compact living space created using shipping container. The container which serves as guest h's Green Business Cards use the finest recycled paper available. At 352gsm, this un-coated, smooth white paper is FSC certified, and produced using wind-power.

Moo is giving you the opportunity to obtain 10 free business card samples. I've personally used Moo cards for years for my business cards and I can't rave

Cortiça Chaise Lounge

Cortiça Chaise Lounge - Daneil Michalik: Cork lounger, both waterproof and buoyant, which rocks with the movement of the user giving a floating sensation.

Power Monkey Extreme Solar Charger - Now for iPad

Powermonkey Extreme - portable solar charger and backup power for your ipad, phone or laptop


One of the most techie and ecologically friendly ways of powering gadgets is via the the sun. This section of Coolest Gadgets is dedicated to gadgets that get their power from the sun’s rays, be it via solar panels or just simple heating.

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