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I have six kids. For reals. And I'm a designer, too. I started when we lived in New York. Then Colorado. Then France. Now Oakland! Let's hang out.

Charming Parisian-inspired Mother's Day Card from Hallmark. #noordinarycard #signaturestyle

Gorgeous Mother's Day Card from Hallmark. Cute 3-D elements. #noordinarycard

Homemade Berry Almond Granola Bars. Cooling and setting, waiting to be chopped into bars

Recipe: Homemade Berry Almond Granola Bars - made with Blue Diamond Almonds. #ad

Paper flower installation in Burlington Arcade by Zoe Bradley Design

See how artist and Etsy seller Katie Daisy celebrated her wedding (Spoiler alert: Yes, that is a treehouse!) in this lovely feature by @gws.

Playhouse and swing set built by my husband.

DIY plant print pillows - beautiful and minimal #design #home. Nx

Our love for wallpapered bathrooms knows no bounds, but this incredibly cool newspaper treatment is next level. Taking it onto the ceiling creates an enveloping feeling that makes the statement even stronger.

Wipe that log-frame clunker from your mind. This house is where ebony-stained exteriors meet rustic-urbane style.

black and white with metallic accents.

18 Tips for Traveling with Kids — From a Mother of Six! #alamodrivehappy #ad

Trunk Junk! Ideas on what to carry in your car for those unexpected moments. Stay prepared! #alamodrivehappy #ad