Copenhagen / where I’ve been

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four different images of lamps and furniture
Illums Bolighus / Copenhagen © Stephane St-Arnaud
four different views of windmills and buildings along the water
Copenhagen © Annie Bastien
a wooden dock next to a large body of water with buildings in the back ground
Copenhagen © Annie Bastien
a painting of a boat in the water next to some buildings and people on it
departure by A-l-a-s-s-e-a on DeviantArt
a bike parked on the side of a brick road next to a body of water
two pictures one with an escalator and the other with buildings
Reading Revolution: 14 Marvelous Modern Urban Libraries - WebUrbanist
Black Diamond at the Royal Library Copenhagen, Denmark
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place next to an ocean front window
Normann Copenhagen | Scandinavian Design Furniture
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art cafe fireplace
an empty room with several sculptures on the floor
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark
an old brick building with two benches in front of it and people walking by the entrance
Royal Copenhagen
the chairs are all different colors and shapes
Shop Scandinavian Design furniture, lighting & accessories
Pelikan armchair - Finn Juhl / Odrupgard
colorful chairs and tables in a large room with stairs leading up to the second floor
Design Café Copenhagen
the collage shows people eating and drinking at different places in the city, with strawberries on the table
Copenhagen © Annie Bastien
a row of red brick buildings sitting next to each other on a cobblestone street
Odense, Denmark
many boats are docked in the water near some trees and buildings with a church in the background
...nature's gift...
Roskilde #Denmark