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an aerial view of a city with lots of tall buildings and water in the background
Stockholm, Sweden
two people standing at the top of a hill looking out over a city and water
an old wooden building with a tall tower
WarWys Blog
Iglesia de Madera de Gol, Oslo, Noruega
an old brick road leading to a stone building in the distance with trees and grass on either side
Encore! Life
Wonderful Oslo
a row of colorful houses on the side of a road with trees in the background
Old Oslo
an empty city street is lit up with christmas lights
Rue des grosses cloches by straightfromthecask, via Flickr
many people are walking up and down the stairs in front of a large glass building
Oslo opera
Oslo opera by helipix repinned by #smgtreppen
two people walking in front of a large building with glass windows on the outside and inside
Panoramio is no longer available
Operaen Oslo,Noruega -it's breathtaking white in the sun
many bicycles are parked in front of a large white building with a dome on top
All things Europe
Senate Square, Helsinki, Finland...I've been here as well. My family heritage is from Finland.
a cobblestone street with cars parked on both sides
Helsinki, Finland
an empty street is lit up with christmas lights
Helsinki, Finland
a large building sitting next to a body of water
Hotel Kamp, Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
a green and yellow trolley is going down the street
Helsinki, Finland