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NEVER GIVE UP - On life, on love, on yourself #NeverGiveUp #Inspirational #Quotes and #Sayings #Cards

  • Christy Sothsavath
    Christy Sothsavath

    Words I live by...if I did not our two beautiful children would not be here :)

Water fun by Mark Chandler Photography, via Flickr

  • Julia Gerelia
    Julia Gerelia

    HOLY nice picture!

  • Cristi Treacy
    Cristi Treacy

    Wow that is... Wow

  • April Smith
    April Smith

    Oh lord MCC!!

  • Naisargi Goyal
    Naisargi Goyal

    This is sooo beautiful!

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love the neon lights on the light pink background!

summer light

love the neon lights on the light pink background!

jellyfish - sea creatures - ocean - nature

  • Linda Parker
    Linda Parker


  • Cheryl Gubitosi
    Cheryl Gubitosi


  • Wally Tibbit
    Wally Tibbit

    So beautiful!

  • Halle West
    Halle West

    Jelly fish

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cool idea

  • Barbara Ellis
    Barbara Ellis

    Very original Kristine Kasoian-Belbeck

  • Kristine Kasoian-Belbeck
    Kristine Kasoian-Belbeck

    That is really neat

Love the pastel colors

striped candle holder diy centerpiece

  • Beverly Thiel
    Beverly Thiel

    Mandy Willis.. Love this idea.. love the pinky corals.

  • Ali Gerber
    Ali Gerber

    I did this for baby shower... So easy and made such an impact... Saved the vases I got from thrift store and will save for future parties with different colors.

  • Jenna Paulsen
    Jenna Paulsen

    Do you just put ribbons on them?

  • Ali Gerber
    Ali Gerber

    Crepe paper actually with double sided tape. The tea lights flicker thru beautifully.

  • Vicki West
    Vicki West

    BRILLIANT! I knew I wanted to cover/color votive cups for an upcoming party, but hadn't worked out HOW yet. Thank you!!!

Fast DIY gift ideas!

pink drinks | debra eby photography | via: style me pretty

Antique bottles. No. 2, old blue green bottles in morning light with sea glass colors. photo by Lauren.

  • Kelly Granger
    Kelly Granger

    so much to look at- really- color texture shapes transparent love it

  • Peggy Roberts
    Peggy Roberts

    I love the green

  • Charlotte Versluys
    Charlotte Versluys

    I have put decorative colored sand in some of these bottles to bring out the accent color in certain rooms

  • Heather R.
    Heather R.

    Love old bottles! ♥

  • Kelly Singh
    Kelly Singh

    i love the colors

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love these vintage bottles

I've actually been here! Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, TN :)

  • Crystal Nolen
    Crystal Nolen

    Ruby falls in Ten ....its colored light at the bottom of the fall ! All my kids loved this vacation!

  • Jordan Holliday
    Jordan Holliday

    Crazy I was just there last week and I'm from CA :) it was gorgeous

  • Dianne Dobbs
    Dianne Dobbs

    Been there many many times, its still breath taking each time

  • Nancy Haley
    Nancy Haley

    Went here in October! Beautiful place!

  • Trasea Trasea
    Trasea Trasea

    I live in Nashville, and have not gone to see it yet! put it on my list. Thanks for the reminder!

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Ettal Abbey - Bavaria, Germany. That's a TREE in a CHURCH.

  • Nancy Forehand Hart
    Nancy Forehand Hart


  • Denise


  • Heather Shaffer
    Heather Shaffer

    Gorgeous! Simply Gorgeous!

  • Cheryl

    this is an amazing photograph...spectacular...

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lovely vintage bottles

  • Lois Miele
    Lois Miele

    This would make beautiful beach glass

palest pinks

Soft lighting and muted colors.

tulips & flight suits - TULIPS & FLIGHTSUITS - it's my birthday.
  • Zoe Hogan
    Zoe Hogan

    from my blog! x

Reflection on the floor


Glow Stick Lanterns
  • Leah Eggers
    Leah Eggers

    I like this alot



kiss the groom | A Unique Wedding Blog
  • Skybox Creative
    Skybox Creative

    love this!


#color #light #sparkle