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this outfit is chic and playful, I need it for my daughter. Totally digging the yellow tights


Mini Boden Jacket & Dress (Baby Girls) available at Nordstrom. Need that jacket.

Lookbook Autumn / Winter 2013

this is to cute to handle can we just appreciate the cuteness for a moment before i casually die of joy.

LOVE these easy, affordable fashion forward baby girl outfits. For moms that don't want to dress their babies in the same generic outfits as everyone else.

Tips For Dressing a Stylish Baby Girl

Tips For Dressing a Baby Girl I swear it's just too cute not to pin and I actually like her attitude of getting creative with dressing up the baby and avoiding buying a ton of special baby fashion junk.

baby in a bonnet

misha-and-puff: “ Good morning! Isn’t this lovely? Photo from the wonderful ❤️ beach walk bonnet and sledding scarf. We still have a few of these left in the shop (but they are.