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My creatures

My creatures

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Three-toed Sloths

Northern Saw Whet Owl

Leopard (by Tambako the Jaguar)

LLBwwb, Nature and Animals :)


Zebra Shark

Tiger (Panthera tigris)

Top 10 Photos of Big Cats – Top Inspired

Affinity: Amazing Animal Portraits by Brad Wilson


Los unicornios si existen, son gordos, grises y la gente les llama Rinocerontes. Un rinoceronte en el Parque de Animales Salvajes Kragga Kamm /

Cuidado con pedirles un autógrafo


Crested Owl

Kinkajou.. Pretty Cute ❤


Stunning Reflection of Those Baby Blues ♥

African Wild Dog

By Eliza Lebedewa

maya47000: ;-)))  By Eliza Lebedewa  - Carpe Diem

Galapagos sea lion pup


Walruses on the beach. The walrus (Odobenus rosmarus) is a large flippered marine mammal with prominent tusks, whiskers, and bulkiness. Adult males in the Pacific can weigh more than 3,700 lb and, among pinnipeds, are exceeded in size only by the two species of elephant seals. Walruses live mostly in shallow waters above the continental shelves, spending significant amounts of their lives on the sea ice looking for benthic bivalve mollusks to eat.

Caracal Kitten by ap_photo - Anthony Ponzo

Elephant and baby elephant

#Black #white #tigers ALBINO (WHITE) AND MELANISTIC (BLACK) ..must have big kitty!

SkunkWire - Cute And Funny Animal Pictures

"Life's A Beach!"