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Retro Everything Handed to Me Tin Sign 12.5 x 16 Inches

My thoughts

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Work is repetitive, and dull, but with a little thought, it doesn’t have to be. | How To Get Through Your Work Day, As Told By "The IT Crowd"

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The IT Crowd

How To Get Through Your Work Day, As Told By "The IT Crowd"

It's so true!

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I'm sure I've pinned this before... But it's worth repinning XD

You’re all so adorable…

this kid is awesome. end of story.

The 35 Hardest Things About Taking A Picture On Picture Day

Anti-Theft lunch bag

Hmm, tasty sandwich

I. am. dying. And looking for a pen.

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One incredibly expressive baby…

This is hysterical

Generic surprise birthday party…

Always Respect The Sign
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You had one job.

Rare disability…

You had one job

It was just one job…

Hahahaha, awesome!

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Celebrity lookalikes.

Kids they are soooo funny

16 Funny and Geeky Kids Who Are Doing Things Right - TechEBlog

If you see something... say something!

She Saw The Future...

And that artist is my hero.

Pluto is there!

How to be a cat

Cat Etiquette - Cheezburger

Hahaha. Oh my god...this is going to be Ava's paper!

26 Kids Who Are Definitely Going Places

Flash photography

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