Destiels Lovechild

Destiels Lovechild

I post Destiel and sometimes Sabriel. I have pick-up lines and quotes.
Destiels Lovechild
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Supernatural fandom

Thank you, Mark Sheppard hahaha jared and Jensen, well sam and dean had a kid :)>>>>SQUOOSE

the zackles

~Hey Vicki, I think maybe a trip to the Netherlands is in order.~ Get ready.

oh Cas.

The Many Thoughts of Castiel. How did milkshakes develop a gravitational pull that was gender specific?


Keep Calm, and Call The Winchesters. Keep Calm, and Carry On, My Wayward Son. Keep Calm and Salt it and Burn it. Keep Calm and draw a Devil's Trap. Keep calm and Cruise In the Impala. Keep Calm and.[feel free to continue it!


xD Supernatural fandom at it's finest

This made me laugh so hard

Jingle bells - Supernatural style<---- I say they make a full album of supernatural styled Christmas songs.


Falling stars as falling angels.thanks Supernatural

#Supernatural! Hahahahaha

One of my favorite scenes with Castiel in Supernatural :D I'd be the babysitter to his pizza man anytime LOL I love the look on Dean's face.

My boys. xD

And this is why I like Supernatural better than Gossip Girl.<==No, darling, this is why Supernatural is better than EVERYTHING.


Funny pictures about What if it actually happened. Oh, and cool pics about What if it actually happened. Also, What if it actually happened.