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I think it's safe to say that a large majority of people who struggle with for emotional reasons.  Just like an alcoholic uses drinking and a drug user uses drugs to numb out.......often times, obese people use food to numb stressful and/or painful emotions.  You can eat healthy and exercise and drink your WILL see results.  But, for permanent weight loss...

Are you an emotional eater? Here are 12 signs to tell: Read the full article: 12 Indicative Signs of Emotional Eating And if you haven't, be sure to check

School lunch 1 cup bow-tie pasta salad with veggies  1 cup salad w/ 2 tablespoons low-fat dressing   3/4 cup watermelon

Make school lunches healthy and fun with these easy brown bag lunch ideas. Transform classic lunches, from tuna to PB&J to turkey and cheese, into healthier recipes. Kids will also love the healthy snack ideas that will keep them full throughout the day.

Childhood obesity by the numbers

Parents are unintentionally killing their kids or shortcutting their future by providing the types of foods we find at the grocery store. This infographic as well as the article provide the problem and the solution.

eating disorder treatment...

Eating disorders--anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating--preoccupy your mind with food and weight, leaving you unable to focus on much else.

At Montecatini Treatment.

I love this, being a prisoner in your own mind, feeling like that's where you're trapped, in Your own head trying to find a way out but you cant depression and anxiety is hard to deal with and I think this a beautiful way to describe it

Eating Disorders

Scary side affects that come with eating disorders. Many women struggle with eating disorders in our society to fit into the mold of being "beautiful" but its causing long term damage to our bodies.

A lot of eating disorders go unnoticed.

This week is National Eating Disorder Awareness week. If you or someone you love is suffering, don't stay silent. Talking is one of the easiest ways to get help and end the suffering.