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Spray Painted Faux Stones on Concrete using a concrete path form from the home improvement store!

How To Start Seeds In Eggshells

Keep your nails Clean while Gardening with a bar of soap

Pebble Mosaic - Make edging, stepping stones, or even a small patio with river rocks and mortar.

Gifts That Grow: Succulent Turtle --> www.hgtvgardens.c...

How to make this lovely and practical strawberry planter out of a single pallet. The project is fairly easy and nearly free!

Colorful Bird Houses on Wooden Fence @Stacey McKenzie McKenzie Jacobs

Training pumpkins and squash to grow on a trellis. Not sure where I will try this....but think I might someday!

DIY - Terraced Garden Beds

Beautiful ~ Succulants

Looks interesting if I ever get the house with the sun room! Growing a lemon tree "know-how". I want a dwarf lemon, dwarf lime, dwarf orange, & dwarf banana tree, but the year the banana was supposed to finally produce fruit, it died. :-( requires patience & lots of care!

Regrow celery by putting the stalk (with 2 inches left) in a dish of water. Once it grows leaves, you can plant it. Use only the outside stalks and it'll continue to grow from the inside.

Grow carrots in a 2 liter soda bottle, so the kids can see what is happening!!

Tree Stump Removal - Get rid of tree stumps by drilling holes in the stump and filling them with 100% Epsom salt. Follow with water, and wait. Live stumps may take as long as a month to decay, and start to decompose all by themselves This is a MUST!

Clam Shell filled with succulents (+12 clam shell ideas @ Everything Coastal)

ROOTING SUCCULENTS - cleanly pull/break leaf from plant making sure whole leaf is in tact. Allow to dry out & end to scab over. Place leaf on top of soil. (if you bury the cut end in soil, it will only root from that end. If you lay on top of soil, it will grow both roots & form new plant) Water when soil becomes dry. Roots and new plants should start to grow with in a couple of weeks.