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Rutilated Quartz can also be used for helping to discern the positive or negative vibes or motives of a person, place, or thing. Rutilated Quartz is an uplifting stone, infusing joy into one's life and surrounding environment. Rutilated Quartz is often used during meditation, for connecting to the Divine. Working with Rutilated Quartz can help one to connect to higher realms and spirit guides, due to the inclusions of Rutile in the Quartz, which acts as a kind of psychic antenna.

Tibetan woman feeding marmots

Mother and

Phenakite stimulates and activates your inner vision, the crown chakra, third eye chakra and pineal gland.

Citrine Crystal Ball

Stillness is the altar of Spirit.

Botryoidal Smithsonite atop dark Coronadite matrix

Beautiful coloration!

Sun Flowers by Anant Wagle

“Compassion is the highest expression of human emotion and virtuous energy. It is a level of development that takes hard work and serious meditation before it can blossom into one‘s life. It is not a single virtue, but the distillation and culmination of all virtues, expressed at any given moment as a blend of fairness, kindness, gentleness, honesty, respect, courage and love. It is the most beneficial energy to share with others. Mantak Chia Dame Blanche de Sandrine Gestin

Topaz - Xanda Mine, Virgem da Lapa, Minas Gerais, Brazil