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33 Real Lines From "Supernatural" That You Can't Believe Aired On TV. Some day I want to tell someone they are a great big bag of dicks. Saving it for the perfect moment.

Supernatural | 45 Behind The Scenes Photos That You've Probably Never Seen Before

You'll never look at movies the same way ever again. A lot happens off camera to make your favorite films and shows come to life. Get a behind the scenes look at how the pros make this magic happ

You can always count on Tumblr's SPN fandom for a laugh over what they love.

Supernatural subtitles :"D - oh man, seriously these are hilarious! I need to start watching with subtitles. -[Dean randomly dies in shower] is the funniest subtitle in the history of Supernatural subtitles

Sam and Dean

1 - Tall Tales 3 - Bad Day at Black Rock & 6 - Changing Channels 7 - The Real Ghostbusters 8 & 9 - The French Mistake--------->>>Im sorry but thats jensen and jared mostly

Intelligent, attractive male who is a total badass, but also an absolute cutie with an intense love for puppies and an undying need to help/save the world to atone for sins thAT AREN'T EVEN HIS FAULT OH I'M GETTING EMOTIONAL