For the Disney fandom. A dancing Stitch

10 Disney Songs You’ve Never Heard. They were cut from the final films! Aw this just made my day!

10 Disney Songs You've Never Heard. These were songs cut from the final product of different Disney films. So cool!

Except I'm not sorry. Disney's awesome.

Ummmm I am not really sorry . I am going to go pin some more disney stuff

:) hahahaha!

Wallpaper and background photos of Mulan caught Ariel for fans of Disney Princess images.

Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses - 1989 style I love the T Swift style to this!

At the end of the day, I slip off my shoes and take down my crown, give a kiss to my rose before I smoke out of my magic lamp, grab my fork for spaghetti and eat a special apple for dessert. Day in the life.

Sooooo getting this! Disney Princess tattoo Idea, add a couple more things for a few more princesses and itd be perfect!

Cool!!!! #GIF

"Disney gif of opening sequences". I loved how they made the opening sequence in…

Every time.

LOL gifs funny gif friends confused Awkward stitch gif omgtooreal pat pat lilo and stitch gif petting dont know what to say

The entire movie in one gif.

The entire movie in one gif. <<thought this would be a short line from the movie that just sums up the whole thing, yet, I was mistaken.

How To Be A Good Disney Princess

How To Be A Good Disney Princess - I am good at doing all of these things on an almost daily basis ; )-- Plan on making this a canvas for a future daughter, whether she's mine or someone else's.