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a man standing in front of a blue and yellow tent with the words destiny's bridge on it
The NEW 2016 Destiny's Bridge Premiere. August 17th at the House of Independents in Asbury Park.
an old man with long white hair and beard wearing a brown hat looking at the camera
Homeless Man Tearfully Watches As Police Destroy His Shelter
Huffington Post Story...
two people standing in front of a white picket fence with the words destiny's bridge on it
Pardon Our Interruption
The film is complete...please help us get it into distribution. A small donation can make a difference for the homeless crisis in the US. Indiegogo
a yellow school bus parked in a parking lot next to a street sign at night
Good night Minister Steve.... The evicted homeless camp founder from the Destiny's Bridge documentary is sleeping in his bus tonight.
a man sitting in front of a fire pit
Asbury Park Press
From waterfront home to Tent City
two television screens showing the scene of a fire
Tent City Freeze Out - Lakewood, NJ - ChasingNJ - Dec 30, 2013
a man holding a young boy who is hugging him
Asbury Park Press
Some Tent City campers begin to find homes
two people standing in front of a tent talking to each other and one person holding something
Asbury Park Press
Lakewood Tent City documentary is evidence in investigation against camp founder
the poster for an upcoming event with images of people in various places and words on it
Destiny's Bridge at Middlebrook Cinemas. 7pm 1502 Rt. 35 So. Ocean Township, NJ Tickets are available for the film at the Movie Website.
two men walking down a dirt road in the woods with tents on either side of them
Asbury Park Press
Filmmaker to premiere Tent City documentary
a man wearing glasses standing in front of a group of people with tents behind him
Homeless residents look on in shock as police raid Tent City just hours after Minister Steve was released on bail from the Ocean County jail. "I am being harassed because of my stance on civil rights. I need some relief, it's getting bad... they're starting to throw me in jail now because they want to squelch my voice." -Minister Steve in DESTINY'SBRIDGE
two men sitting next to each other in the woods
Blog - Soles4Souls
New Jersey tent city - shoe distribution
a woman laying on the ground with her legs spread out in front of a painting
Elevator Art Delivers Timeless Music On Their Tent City EP
If Rock and Roll 101: Rocking Hard is offered as a course any where, it may be in New Jersey. Top of the class would have to be Elevator Art with their new EP Tent City. Tent City is also a large camp in Lakewood, NJ where the homeless community has settled. The band drew inspiration from this for the title track, Tent City. They cite the camp as "an example of the complete abolishment of social and moral status.
there are many tents in the woods with blue tarps on them and one tent is open
Evicting the Homeless
On back-to-back days in June, the Rev. Steve Brigham was arrested at the tent city he runs in Lakewood, N.J. Charged with criminal mischief and witness tampering by Lakewood Township police, Brigham says the arrests are the latest incident in a “pattern of harassment” aimed at evicting the homeless encampment.