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#Tiger // Wat een prachtige kop

walk in the water// Lief hè

mama deer with her babies

albino alligator

Contented Little Philippine Tarsier

Red kite

Crocodilefish. Ramada, Hurghada.


Beautiful White Whale

Lander // Met vette kuif ;)

White Buffalo - there are THREE of them in Bismarck, ND! White Cloud is the mother of the other two.

Absolutely awesome!! // Wat een mooi plaatje

Rare black lion - no words can describe!!

white lion family

Alluring Planet: Tiger resting on a tree

Red Pandas playing in the snow // Lol

dragonfly-wings // Mooi

Photograph Fawn by Matt Ellis on 500px

Mantis Shrimp // Mooie kleuren

.fluffy cows

The magnificent 'Harpy Eagle' (Harpia harpyja) Often cited as world's largest extant Eagle, it indeed is one of the largest and most powerful living raptor on Earth. Though it is smaller in length if compared to 'Philippine Eagle' (monkey eating eagle). It is broad and bigger in weight and bulk than any other large eagles. Where other large eagles weigh up to 9 kg (20 lb) maximum, one large captive female, "Jezebel", weighed 12.3 kg (27 lb).

Black Tiger

(© Joel Sartore/Getty Images) // Stoere kop

So much truth to this! // Klopt een Ridgeback gaat door dik en dun

Baby Stingray // Haha