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Guide to selecting a Salt-beach / Salt-water Detector - Page 2 Beach Memes, Scratch Off Tickets, Metal Detecting, Great Hobbies, Salt And Water, Earth Science, Geology, Funny Pictures, Things To Come

Guide to selecting a Salt-beach / Salt-water Detector - Page 2

Guide to selecting a Salt-beach / Salt-water Detector Beach and Water Hunting

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Metal Detecting

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Metal Detecting Miscellany:  Volume 3 – Detecting Diva Weekend New York, Gold Mining Equipment, Local Parks, Metal Detecting, Diva, Fun, Sport, Sports, Godly Woman

Metal Detecting Miscellany: Volume 3

News, Events & tidbits that may be of interest to the detecting community, but are too short for an entire blog post... Catskill Game Farm Hunt: The Nor'Easters Metal Detecting Club out of Stamford, CT is having its Catskill Game Farm Hunt in New York this weekend (tomorrow, November 3

Discover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration and other ideas to try. Julie Rose, Parent Coaching, Metal Detecting, At Least, Parenting, Medieval Times, Tips, Digger, Roller Coaster

Inside the Quirky World of Metal Detecting

Guests: Ryan Houston, Utah Metal Detecting; Todd Yerks,; Allyson Cohen,; Dawn Chipcase, Digger Dawn on YouTube At least a thousand times a year somebody in the UK reports finding something historically important in a field somewhere, while out metal detecting. Could be a gold broach or a silver coin – or even a whole hoard of precious stuff buried by some wealthy Saxon during Medieval times. Such finds are on the rise as metal detecting equipment gets better…

My New Machine: A Hard Decision with a Happy Ending Hard Decisions, Get Post, Metal Detecting, Happy Endings, Shit Happens, News

My New Machine: A Hard Decision with a Happy Ending

I was going to post this last Thursday before I went to Blackthorne Resorts Lost Treasure Weekend, but I had internet issues, so it didn't get posted. I was disappointed, but it turned out to be a good thing in the end, because something happened that I never could have predicted, which makes the e

Don’t Walk Away Mad… Don’t Walk Away at All! Types Of Buttons, Let Me Down, Metal Detecting, Just Go, Diva, Mad, Godly Woman

Site Suspended - This site has stepped out for a bit

I’d like to write an entertaining story about a recent hunt, because folks always ask me for those. And granted I’ve had some strange, and humorous days out digging, which are always fun to write about afterwards. The problem with that though, is that I can’t just make up random stuff. It actually

The Creepy Thing in the Woods – Detecting Diva Dug Up, Creepy Stories, Metal Detecting, Rock Wall, Way Down, Might Have, Running Away, Aerial View, Nice View

The Creepy Thing in the Woods

To all of you who have been kind enough to to inquire as to my whereabouts, and general well being in the past few months, Thank you. I’m okay. I did not retire from detecting. I’ve been having issues with my website that I did not have the time or expertise to address. Everything seems to be in ord

The Creepy Thing in the Woods Mystery Solved – Detecting Diva Gutting A Deer, I Mind Map, Wrinkled Paper, Creeped Out, Metal Detecting, What Really Happened, How To Make Light, Really Cool Stuff, Creepy

The Creepy Thing in the Woods Mystery Solved

So the mystery of the creepy thing in the woods has been solved—well, maybe not solved, but investigated at least. I went to the police department yesterday, and told them what I saw. Thankfully there were two women officers at the front desk, so I didn’t feel awkward. Sometimes men have a way of

Confessions of an Expert Oxen Shoe Finder: – Detecting Diva Pull Wagon, Slip On Trainers, Work With Animals, Weird Shapes, The Uncanny, Me Too Shoes, Women's Shoes, Fun To Be One, Confessions

Confessions of an Expert Oxen Shoe Finder:

Technically the title should be Confessions of an expert ox shoe finder. Ox is singular, oxen is plural. I know that, but I like the way oxen shoe sounds over ox shoe, so if you’ve got a problem with that already, don’t continue, but if you can deal, then read on... The first oxen shoe I found wa