Check out these 50 awesome octopus tattoos for your next tattoo inspiration. Octopus is one of the popular aquatic animal being tattooed for men and women

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Hilarious and awesome for a kids bathroom! Bathroom and Home Decor - DIY Decorating Idea - Gaint Squid Tentacles Vinyl Wall Decal For the Home,Home ideas,Home Sweet Home,Style,

Octopus Lantern

Artist Scott Musgrove has clay-sculpted Walktopus, a work-in-progress bronze sculpture depicting a large lantern-holding octopus. Here are a couple of shots of the piece sculpted in clay.

USB Animatronic Squirming Tentacle

USB Animatronic Squirming Tentacle

9 of the Coolest and Strangest Things You Can Plug Into Your USB Port: USB Squirming Tentacle

bronze octopus table

A beautiful bronze octopus table sculpted by artist Alex Friend will give the Steampunk interior designer ideas for a Jules Verne themed drawing room.

Count to Tentacle Nautical Pillow, #ModCloth

Counter Me In Vegan Block Heel Bootie

tentacle table

I came across this article about a company that makes weird & wacky furniture. Weird and Wacky Furniture By Straight Line Designs by LINEN on Feb 2011