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Studies show depressed people often lack a fatty acid known as EPA. from walnuts, flaxseed & chia seeds can help decrease anxiety, sleep disorders, feelings of sadness, & suicidal thoughts. Vitamin C & folic acid in Cabbage can protect against str

How to Remove Heavy Metals from Your Body | Top 10 Home Remedies

How to Remove Heavy Metals from Your Body

Dietary Foods That Help Lose Belly Fat

Here are 20 Snacks That Burn Fat Eating right is crucial for anybody who wants to lose weight. While eating lesser may not help you to lose weight, the above 20 snacks is a secret recipe to losing weight fast.

Keep A Healthy Eating Habit

Lose Weight With Natural Vitamins and Minerals Infographics. A very resourceful information and easy to understand infographic on what type of food you sho busy mom, healthy mom, health tips, healthy food, health and fitness

10 Coffee Myths. More here:

10 Coffee Myths - I Love Coffee Coffee makes your boobs smaller? (But coffee is more important than having small boobs.