Deval Vala

Deval Vala
Gujarat,India / An artist is a dreamer consenting to dream of the actual world.
Deval Vala
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asylum-art: “ New Backlit Paper Sculptures by Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panicker At Black Book Gallery “Where I Belong” is a paper cut light box installation work of hand cut watercolor on paper.

Three Very New Moos W.I.P. by Hippopottermiss on deviantART

My three latest cows drying gently before their first firing. Three Very New Moos W.

Froggez by Hippopottermiss on deviantART

Assorted hand modelled earthenware frogs, decorated with slip clays and glazes and fired at least twice to My favourite is the pink one that looks like she& put on her best lycra to go to .

The Creche by on @deviantART

These stoneware hippos are ideal for outdoors, in a flower bed or rockery, sitting in a planter, or on a window sill. They are frost-proof so can stay outside all year but of course there& nothi.

Anne Lemanski / fennec fox

FENNEC FOX (DOG STAR), a Mixed Media on by Anne Lemanski from . It portrays: Animal, relevant to: Copper, ink on paper, artificial sinew 2009

You Blew Me Away by Penny Hardy

You Blew Me Away, sculpture by British artist Penny Hardy I think this is very interesting and cool, I could stare at this for hours on end daily and foind new interesting things in it.

The Hunt – Glass Sculptures by Marta Klonowska

Using carefully broken shards of colored glass, Polish artist Marta Klonowska assembles translucent animals in life-like proportion and size. Almost all of her sculptures are based on animals found in baroque and romantic paintings by such artists