Hana Andita Devarianti

Hana Andita Devarianti

Hana Andita Devarianti
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Aline Weber Shines in Jewelry Looks for Rabat Magazine by Xavi Gordo

Appearing in the winter cover story of Rabat Magazine, top model Aline Weber sparkles in elegant jewelry looks. Photographed by Xavi Gordo (The A Management)

colored lighting reference - Google Search

Quality: Angle- I like how the front/side of her body is bright and lit up with pink and blue light but the back is dimly lit.

Are you even human? You got EVERYTHING RIGHT! This score is really hard to get, and you totally did it! We are so impressed! Your perception of colors is 100% on point...so much so that we might have to check that you are not a robot or something! Ha ha! Who;d have thought?

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