Take out shelving and install slide out drawers-genius! @ House Remodel Ideas

Roll Out: 17 Ways to Organize Drawers


The Ultimate Guide For Organizing Your Home Room By Room - 90 Revolutionary Tips and Tricks we could do it with portion sizes too

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LiveLoveDIY: 10 Home Improvement Ideas: How To Make The Most of What You Already Have!

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A Gallery of Weird and Wonderful Windows.This window (from Chen +Suchart Studio, via Apartment Therapy) plays with our idea of what's 'inside' and what's 'outside' by inviting the zen garden into the room.

A Gallery of Weird and Wonderful Windows


Pin NOW...Read later when you need it! How to Clean a Clogged Keurig

How to Clean a Clogged Keurig


The Homeowners Yearly Checklist

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Flea allergy dermatitis is a skin rash caused by an allergic reaction to flea bites. The allergy causes immediate inflammation of the skin, followed by itching and rawness. Dogs can develop such a rash from a single flea bite; in some cases even if the fleas are eliminated the condition can persist.

Home Remedies for Dog Skin Rash From Fleas


Designed by a nurse, this First Aid Kit will have you prepared for just about any emergency you could encounter. Tons of great ideas on what to include for your own! Via A Bowl Full of Lemons

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The girl is pointing her gun barrel towards us! It intentionally enhances the fear fact as we get a feeling that we have been seized by her who might shoot us at any time! This thrilling effect also pops the idea in our head that someone or she will die. Typography "That locked door was there for your protection' was also impressing as it is like a signpost that tells us we shouldn't have done such a terrible thing. It reminds us the sinnery.

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Compression leg sleeves from Zensah. For those 12 hour shifts on my feet. Is this a MUST-HAVE for #nurses?

short legs + long runs: August 2012


Savings Catcher from Walmart compares prices from top stores in your area. If it finds a lower ad price on eligible items - like groceries and everyday supplies for your family, you get the difference on an eGift Card. Sign in so you can enter your receipt at Walmart.com/SavingsCatcher

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A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself

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Martha Stewart Pets tips on bathing and grooming your dog. Check out our selection of grooming tools available at Pet Smart! (pet care)

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Home bar; so cool for a kitchen or a man cave!

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Sink Rack Roll /Stainless Steel Shelf Sink Rack /Portable Folding / Green,Orange Clever idea on eBay

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love this idea.

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ItsSelected: 40 Days of Organization: The idea is to get your house deep cleaned and organized without feeling overwhelmed. It's just one th...

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8 Items Every First Apartment Needs

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Disney Princess Coffee Mug



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No more moving the bowls to sweep LOVE IT!!!

Personalized Scrolled Hanging Double Pet Feeder


Great Idea! Take popsicle sticks and paint them the color of every wall in your house. Carry with you on the go to match furniture, curtains, decorations, etc.

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My baby

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Love this Kitchen by Georgiana design

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I MUST get one of these...Baseboard Buddy. I hate doing baseboards. This is a real thing!

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