Liberal  J.J. - But not a LIBERAL politically in Australia as this is the name of the Conservative Party ! Go figure- they really need a name change !

Liberal J. - But not a LIBERAL politically in Australia as this is the name of the Conservative Party !

"Guns don't kill people. People kill people" Well, no shit. We want mandatory SAFETY COURSES for PEOPLE, not guns. We want MORE THOROUGH BACKGROUND CHECKS of PEOPLE, not guns. We want stricter NEGLIGENCE PENALTIES imposed on PEOPLE, not guns. IF YOU'RE STUPID ENOUGH TO THINK ACTIVISTS ARE PISSED AT GUNS, YOU'RE TOO STUPID TO OWN ONE.

The battles of my novel "Daffodil Sunrise" continue. If anything, the stakes are only higher.

good ol' Jimmy Carter.

Choke this lesson down, conservative/evangelical Republicans. Thank you, President Carter

I am not a bleeding heart or even a liberal  but I would pay the extra .50 cents. Would it be enough? M.W. 4/5/16

socialjusticeinamerica: “ I’m not a bleeding heart hippie liberal but I do believe people should be paid a living wage and treated with respect. Why so much hate from the Republicans?

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Democrats built that. AND often with support from Republicans before they lost their friggin' minds!

YES! Although it would be better if it her, because a majority of refugees are women.

The enemy is someone who knowing the people helpless instigates a situation which will eventually result in the blood spilled of your own people.

it's not about not being scared, it's about facing your fears

You wake up every morning to fight the same demons that left you so tired the night before, and that, my love, is bravery. So just remember that your doing what you can and that is all that matters. You survived.

This is an American problem #deescalate

John Stewart nails it. We have been tricked into being polarized on this issue, when in reality, we all want the same things.

Dump Don the Con Treasonous Trump

My feelings exactly. No matter what the outcome of the election this pathetic excuse of a man has brought out the bad elements in America and given them the idea their ignorance is acceptable.

Truth to opinion: IDGAF.

The truth doesn't give a fuck what your opinion is. The truth doesn't change!