Levi Devorah Marrus

Levi Devorah Marrus

Levi Devorah Marrus
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Lots of fun songs to sing with your kids for Shabbat!

I’m admittedly a Shabbat newbie, but music has always been an important tool in teaching my children about Judaism. Bringing music into our burgeoning Shabbat rituals was a natural extension.

The Shabbat Box. Filled with items made/decorated by each child. Kiddish cup, kippa, challah cover

Learning about Jewish traditions is important for children. A Shabbat Box project made in preschool by my son.

35 Fun Montessori Inspired Activities for Chanukah!

I compiled a bunch of stuff we have done for Chanukah over the past few years (including this year) and put it all together in this e-book.