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14 Genius Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew Existed And Where You Can Get Them.

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Shut the front door! Why can't I think of this stuff!

Top This Top That: Weekly Wow's


Art Dolls by Du Buh Du Designs: Gift Idea: Photo Coasters

Mason Jar Match Dispenser keeps all the matches from coming out of the box in your bag

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Excellent idea for outdoor party...could potentially spray paint it too and then have adult drinks up high and kid drinks down low so they could grab them

Twitter / FortFu_kedUp: Friday is finally here. Time ...

~Rub bananas with dish soap suds. Allow to air dry. No more fruit flies!~ ~Say WHAAAAAAA?! Worth a shot!!~

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Fill your sink with hot, hot, hot water. Then fill each wine bottle with hot water and drop it into the sink. Next, add this secret potion: 1/2 cup baking powder 1 Tbsp dish soap 2 cups white vinegar Once you add the vinegar to the sink, it will get all fizzy for a second.AND THE LABELS COME OFF:-)

How To Remove Labels From Wine Bottles

DIY Ice Pack Combine 9oz dish soap and 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol in quart size FREEZER bag.

DIY Ice Packs « The Krazy Coupon Lady

Possible sister tattoo. I'd have to get a piercing there too though. Very pretty. :)

Tattoo and Piercing Combinations - Inked Magazine

Each time you crack an egg open, instead of tossing the shell into the trash, drop it into an open container that you keep in the fridge. When the container is full, crush the shells into small bits and sprinkle them around the base of your plants. The sharp eggshells will deter slugs, snails, and other bugs from nibbling on your garden and add a touch of calcium to the soil.

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Draw on wax paper with permanent markers, wrap around candle and heat until image is transferred... thats perrrty cool :)

A Girl In Paradise: Transferring Ink to Candles
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    Gina Devitis

    Didn't we do these in our church group things?! I remember having one or two. I think at Katie's church group when we made tye dyed shirts??

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    JustUs Dewey

    I don't remember! I'd love to do this though!

Iced Coffee ∆ Coffee cubes so you don't water it down, FINALLY a solution

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DIY Air Freshener (How to scent wood)

DIY Air Freshener (How to scent wood) - northstory

Use Press’N Seal wrap instead of having to tape everything. | Community Post: 41 Creative DIY Hacks To Improve Your Home...GREAT IDEA!

Community Post: 41 Creative DIY Hacks To Improve Your Home

Inflate balloons, cover with tulle, tie at bottom with flowers. Easy and beautiful!

Design Improvised: Pom-Pom Balloons!

cute presentation idea: nail polish in a candy jar

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Mosquito repeller. Not sure if it works, but worth a try!

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Use recycled cans to make a cutlery holder that can be used for indoor and outdoor entertaining. You can use six cans for cutlery or seven c...

Home-Dzine - Recycled can cutlery holder

A corner bench with storage made from some IKEA wall shelves and a little upholstering. All done in less than one day

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Jack Daniels bottle recycled as a mouthwash holder, much prettier than plastic bottle!

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Another pinner said: Last winter, when I visited my sister who lived in Italy (I know, lucky!) their showerheads had fresh sprigs of Eucalyptus casually tied on. When you took a hot bath or shower, the steam made the fragrance amazing

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Remove some drawers and add glass shelves.

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This is the truth!! Almost a week since I've shaved and I have stubble is at a minimum. Lifesaver!! Ladies: put down the shaving creams and gels, use baby oil gel. It will change your shave game.

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Homemade dishwasher detergent - I when I run out... now I won't. I picked up a container at Walmart in the kitchen center with a pouring spout for $5.00 and it is big enough to hold an entire batch of dishwasher soap

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DIY pearl Wire Letters - Martha Stewart - great for a little girl's room

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