Ratih Dewi Yulianti

Ratih Dewi Yulianti

Ratih Dewi Yulianti
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Print the puzzle, have your kids color it, cut it out, and have your kids put it back together!

Parça bütün Print the puzzle, have your kids color it, cut it out, and have your kids put it back together!

Summer break is here and we are making the most of our lazy days! I have noticed that throughout the week, pulling out an organized activity can sometimes get through the day without me having to hear

SAVED hyb printed These watermelon seed addition cards are perfect for preschool, kindergarten or first graders to work on beginning addition skills!

These Matching Numbers with Ice Cream are perfect to use in your classroom to help students continue to practice numbers and counting.

Matching Numbers with Ice Cream includes nine pages of ice cream scoops, numbers four through Each ice cream cone has a number…

Happy Little Kindergarten: Guided Math Activities

Pin 4 Materials: worksheet and markers/crayons Description: For each butterfly, the child colors dots on both sides of the butterflies. When they have finished putting dots on the butterflies, they add all spots and they put the answer in the blank.

Favorite activities based on dot paper - Including free ideas for simple math games and a new iPad app (with 3 free levels).

Ways to use door paper beyond the typical dots and boxes! Roll and encircle that many dots. Play with 2 players and each does this. Put words inside the boxes that kids must copy when they complete that box. And she lists more ways as well.

Hands-on activities for decomposing numbers in kindergartenGreat explanation for how to teach the deconstruction of numbers

Detroit, Mi Kindergarten teacher - Kinder-Craze: Getting Interactive with the Common Core: Decomposing Numbers

Could perhaps laminate and use as "placemats" to add a bit of learning during snack time. Laminating would make it easier to sanitize.

number spider (missing a couple of legs).great way to work on decomposing numbers.the beginnings of distributive property. Older kids can use larger numbers using quick pic of tens and ones and/or more than 2 addends. Hmmm I can adapt this!