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More like this: arm work, border collies and wheelchairs.

Great design has positive impact

The Ridiculous $137K Superbike That’s Too Gorgeous to Ride | Lotus Motorcycles |

G2 Greencycle 2nd Generation Improves Bicycle’s Functionality and Load Capability

Color and Violence -- the connection

If you designed a classroom better, could you help students who can't sit still?

An easy way to transport 75 gallons of water -

the $300 house - can design turn this concept into reality?

Great idea -- what you can imagine, you can do.

A process that takes less water to make jeans, shows LEVI'S great design has positive impact.

Bald Barbie for kids with cancer...

  • Daysi Love

    hate to be a negative nancy, but when you go through kemo don't you loose your eyelashes, too? ...sorry. i think its great. :)

  • andrea sutton

    Hey, that's a good thought? But you know, I think that for kids, the big idea here about losing hair is well represented ? Don't you? So -- there is a good feeling anyway. Thanks so much for your thoughts on that.

  • Daysi Love

    don't get me wrong... i absolutely think it's a great idea, and may barbie prove that you can come out of it a beautiful as you went in.

A blanket that teaches child care...

Powerful - humans can do some great stuff.

oHome's eco friendly modular homes are great for people, pocketbooks, and the environment.

This makes a huge difference! It’s quite a heart breaking sight to watch wheelchair bound children not taking advantage of the swimming pool due to their limitations. The Little Mermaid is a floatation aid that is aimed at such children.

Makes you so aware. Self-adhesive breast cancer detection kit.

A little solar-powered solution for places where electricity is limited. Wonderful.

Gloves that enable touch for people who can't. Bravo.

Yves Bahar designs glasses for poor children. For the second time, San Francisco industrial designer Yves Béhar has won the INDEX Award, a 100,000 Euro prize given to five life-improving design projects by a Danish nonprofit.

I would be so afraid to design a foot and fail.

You have to really pay attention to a user to make sure her new arms work

You have to understand how a cat moves to design its new legs