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crocheted cupcakes in the shape of an eye are being held by two hands
Eyeballs. Literally, eye... balls.
Crochet by Danelle Rae: An easy crochet pattern for creepy, cute eyeballs for Halloween or any time... <3
a crocheted skull with two flowers on it next to a knitting needle and yarn ball
Sugar Skull Motif
DIY Crochet: Sugar Skull Motif... <3
a hand holding up a purple crochet glove with the words grape soda sisters written above it
Grape Soda Wristers
Crochet: Grape Soda Wristers; If you can ch and sc, you can do this...! <3
a hand holding a knitted coffee cup with a crochet heart on it
Crochet Tutorial: Make Your Own Custom Coffee (or Tea) Mug Cozy...! <3
two crocheted coasters next to a glass of milk
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies... <3
a hand is holding several different colored crocheted bracelets in front of some bushes
Rainbow Chain Necklace
Rainbow Chain Necklace: If you can chain and single crochet, you can do this... promise! <3