bracelets made from vintage earrings

Vintage White Wedding & Gold Rhinestone Bridal Bracelet, Heirloom Floral Cluster Earring Bracelet OOAK-I have TONS of old costume jewelry that don't have pairs, etc.this is really neat. Links to crafts to do with them!

jars of button love

My button jars are also in various size jars with the buttons sorted into color families. I love button jars.


I have always found buttons fascinating .i could play with the button tin for hours.when I was a kid every household had a collection .i still love them .

Old Canning Jar...and old white buttons.

Mason jar filled with vintage mom once said, "Everyone needs a jar of buttons.

Glittery pink vintage Czech glass buttons.

One of my favorite combinations - Pink and Gold Glittery pink vintage Czech glass buttons.


Rainbow Buttons Rainbow lines under Black Rainbow


Buttons on Felt .greeting card, display fav buttons, sew on purse or sweater arm.lots of possibilities. Could make these buttons from poly clay