It is widely agreed that Chichen Itza was first populated between 500 and 900 AD by Mayans and for some reason abandoned around 900, the city was then resettled 100 years later and subsequently invaded by Toltecs from the North. There are numerous reliefs of both Mayan gods including Chac and the Toltec gods including Quetzacoatl. For some reason the city was abandoned around 1300. If the Spanish did not make it a policy to kill all of the Mayan priests and burn books when they arrived in…

Chichen Itza, Mexico, an engineering marvel. If you stand in a specific spot between the two pyramids and clap you will hear a bird, if you turn the other way you will hear a rattlesnake.

Model Drawing  available through Crystal Springs

MODEL WITH MATH Here's a poster of the steps on model drawing (the bar model) to solve problems. We've been using this in our Bar Modeling course, and I look forward to implementing it with students this fall.

Ancient Maya Unit Study + {Notebooking Pages printable}

Ancient Maya Unit Study + {Notebooking Pages printable}. Free homeschool unit study on Ancient Maya and free lapbook and notebook pages.

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