Colmar, France. Considered the most beautiful city in Europe.

Colmar, France Considered one of the most beautiful and fairytale-esque towns in Europe. (I really really want to go to France!) It is so colorful and lively!

St Maarten

As far as Caribbean islands go, Sint Maarten /St. Martin is not the most beautiful nor is it the most glamorous. It should not be anyone's first choice if dreaming of an island paradise.

Charleston, SC

Cher is back on the charts with ‘Woman’s World’

Holland - Tulips and Windmills

The Netherlands, windmills and tulips. Had a layover in Amsterdam on my way to India and was able to see the city but didn't have time to go see the windmills. Next time.


Relaxing at Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort Summer Disney World Resort Savings! Te Tiare Beach Resort – Huahine, French Polynesia Thailand be.

Holland, Michigan

this is Michigan - Tulip Festival in Holland! Downtown Holland is my favorite!


I've always wanted to go to Ireland. I've had quite a few friends who have been, and they always come back so excited about it. Plus I love an Irish accent :) Maybe London to Ireland. so much potential for this trip.

Savannah, GA

Savannah Three-Day Weekend Itinerary

Savannah Three-Day Weekend Itinerary On a fine autumn day, you’ll love being outdoors in this charming city.

San Franscisco, CA

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco/Oakland, CA. My dad sailed home from WWII after 4 years in the So. Pacific & said that the Golden Gate Bridge again was one of the most beautiful things he'd ever seen.

Anchorage, Alaska - My parents lived here for 3 years before I was born.

Anchorage-Skyline Anchorage, Alaska summers are full-time! Remember, it stays light all night in the Land of the Midnight Sun. In this view of Anchorage from Earthquake Park .

Central Park, New York City

It's on my bucket list to visit New York in every season, I've got Summer and Spring crossed off! Still need fall & winter and I can't wait because it's going to be beautiful!