Make Heron's Fountain

Build: Heron's fountain

Set of Hand Painted Bottles Chicago Skyline by PerhapsAWildflower

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Making Yard Birds from PVC Pipe

PVC Pipe Birds for the Garden....Instructable

Making Yard Birds from PVC Pipe

Squirrel House Woodworking Project. I can see many amusing squirrel watching hours ahead!

A-Mazing Squirrel House Woodworking Plans

Dollar Store Hack: Laudry Basket Into Wreath Makers

Make These Stunning Bleached Pinecones with These Tips

How to Make GORGEOUS Bleached Pinecones

How to Bleach Pine Cones - kinda weird, but kinda interesting. I guess brown doesn't always have to go with a project! Sometimes you need something lighter colored.

All Things Blog: Crafts!

Wooden Yardstick Box - cute project for the boys

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Rectangular Vintage Wooden Yardstick Crates, Rustic Brown, Set of 3

Make your own baskets from chicken wire. Customize them to the exact size you want!

four corners design: Wonderfully wired

Felted Cat Cave

***Cat Cave***

DIY Tutorial - Rag Rug #recycle #upcycle #diy

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How to make a beaded Christmas spider ornament - and why EVERY tree needs one!

Dans le Lakehouse : How to Make a Beaded Christmas Spider

Free Vintage Flowers and Seed Packets Images ~ Antique Seed Packets were sooo pretty.

Free Vintage Flowers and Seed Packets Images

Glass Notes: DIY Project: Recycled T Shirts Rag Rug, aka Cat Mat

Glass Notes: DIY Project: Recycled T Shirts Rag Rug, aka Cat Mat

No sew rag rug! Have been searching for how to make this for forever, I FOUND IT!!!

Secrets of the No-Sew Rag Rug

Make your own DIY yard dominoes. Step-by-Step Instructions:

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A Cute Origami Cat -It’s a Box Too (Version 1 of 2) by Leyla Torres of Origami Spirit

Origami Cat-Box #1 :: Gato Caja

You don't need to have access to, or invest in, a kiln to start exploring the arts of sculpting and making pottery. There are recipes for homemade, air-drying clay that are made with ingredients commonly found in most households. While you may decide later on to become more involved in one of these crafts by taking classes and investing in...

How to Make Homemade Clay That Air-Dries | eHow

oh yeh using silicon to construct houses that will take the extremes of out door life.

Enchanted Cottages – About

Gourd Birdhouse DIY-Some more instructions and ideas


Here is a step-by-step tutorial for my big Minion pincushion. I’m no pro at explaining so if something is unclear, feel free to ask me about it :) If the download link isn’t working for you, please...

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Making a beautiful, handmade broom is easy, fun and practical. Start building your skills by making this hearth broom, then move up to larger brooms. An expert broom maker takes you through the process step by step.

How to Make a Broom

Off the Grid News - homemade brooms 3 ways

Making Brooms the Old-Fashioned Way | Off The Grid News