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Toudou flipping out... and Arakita not caring one bit

Toudou flipping out. and Arakita not caring one bit

YowaPeda ~~ The Calendar Boys of 2014.

Yowamushi Pedal, surprisingly good for an anime based on bike riding.

Toudou x Makishima *cough* OTP *cough*

Yowapeda (yowamushi pedal) Toudou x Makishima

YowaPeda ~~ Adorable fanart of our climbers. Toudou cradling Maki-chan that way is too sweet for words!

I love how Toudou is holding Maki-chan like a princess.

Yowamushi Pedal - Yasutomo Arakita

animal arakita yasutomo arms at sides bangs black eyes black hair black jacket black pants black shoes blue eyes clenched teeth fur-lined jacket fur trim hair between eyes hand in pocket highres jacket legs apart long sleeves looking at viewer lowrain