Amazing Underwater Photography

Using light from above to display the concept of depth. The light is filtered in a unique way that completely displays what needs to be seen but is still capable of conveying mystery /Haley : WHALE SHARK

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As I said earlier today, two sets with animal photography. Now I have the second set called 'Marine Life' made by Andrey Narchuk, a photographer with the focus on underwater art and nature photography.

Amazing underwater photography - Alexander Semenov

Amazing Underwater Photography Inspiration Beautiful Jellyfish photography by photographer Alexander Semenov. Jellyfish Photography by Alexander Semenov

Magnificent Underwater Photography

Photo about Two dolphins underwater and breaking splashing wave above them - 22150734

Underwater Photography

archimeda - born of dreams-inspired by freedom: Freediving by Wayne Levin Photographer

Go diving Underwater Photography

Location: Balicasag Dive (Bohol Province) photo by: Andrey Narchuk on Next hop can be in Cebu.

Underwater Photography

Zena Holloway is done a incredible work of Fairy tale of children underwater. These are beautifully captured hope you will like these children underwater pics.

Amazing underwater photography - Alexander Semenov

cocolacoquette: “Lion’s mane jellyfish (Cyanea capillata) is the largest known species of jellyfish in the world. By Russian biologist Alexander Semenov “Underwater Experiments” ”