Dhila Febriyanti

Dhila Febriyanti

Dhila Febriyanti
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Most photographers will ask you if there are any particular poses or photos that you want them to capture on your wedding day. If you’re not sure what in the world you want, here’s a good list from KnotForLife.com to check and hand over to your photographer.

Printable Wedding Photography Poses Checklist - Take as many as you can to remember your special day. Don't know if there will be time for all of this in Vegas.

Easy Glow in the Dark Beads Sensory Bottle

My kids loved this awesome glow in the dark beads sensory bottle. It's actually pretty easy to make too! A cool glowing calm down bottle for kids.

Kids of all ages can have fun with just a few supplies to make this awesome…

This Halloween skeleton craft is really easy, and if you're willing to let go of control, even the toddlers can make their own. What You Need to Make a Q-Tip Skeleton Craft for Halloween As you can