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journey (AM) The court sustained the right of free blacks to own slaves, and ordered Casor returned to his master for life.Casor said that he had been imported as as "seaven or eight yeares" after attempting to reclaim his indenture, but he was told by Johnson that he didnt have one.

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(AM) John Casor had to work from sun up to sun down. Along with other indentured servants, John worked the fields twice as hard than any other slaved owned by Anthony Johnson. John along with others had no type of protection from the sun and some even died of dehydration. If anthony felt that Casor wasn't working hard enough he would get cruel punishment.

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john casor - Google Search (AM) Anthony Johnson was once an Angolan indentured servant for a merchant in 1620.Later freed and became a successful tobacco farmer and owner. He was the owner of John ironic.

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Scars of a Whipped Slave - The National Archives ( (AM) John Casor was a black man that lived in Northhampton County in the Virginia Colony. He was an indentured severvant to Anthony Johnson, during the mid 17th century

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