Be careful if you try it at home, though.

This 700-Year-Old Farming Technique Can Make Super Fertile Soil - Modern Farmer

how to transplant blackberry bushes! I've been looking all over for this information :)

How To Transplant Blackberry Bushes

Online Plant Nursery - Wild Blackberry Bush (Thorns), $11.99 (

Wild Blackberry Bush (Thorns)
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Delaine Hudson

The whole point of In Defense of Plants is to remove the human element and tell the story of plants for what they are. I find their stories to be far more interesting than any anthropocentric use they might have. However, the following tale was just far too compelling to ignore. It is a story of passion and, in the end, really encompasses the reality of the species it centers around. Asa Gray was an eminent 19th century botanist. In 1838, Gray left America for Europe in order to exami...

The Bells of Oconee

How to put natural landscaping practices to use in your own backyard.

Permaculture 101

Himalayan blue poppies, like an Old Master |

How to Grow Himalayan Blue Poppy | eHow

clay and limestone: Dear Friends, won't you come out and play...

Dear Friends, won't you come out and play...

How to grow agapanthus

How to grow agapanthus

Black tomatoes were first bred by Professor Jim Myers at the University of Oregon, and because they're rich in anthocyanins, are the latest superfood.

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Homemade Miracle Grow, aka compost tea... basically egg shells & coffee grounds that sit in a cool spot for about a week

Works for Me...

Frank Bissett grows Bosc pears at his home in Northborough.

The best backyard fruit trees for New England - The Boston Globe

The sweet fruits of a blueberry bush only appear if the roots are submerged in acidic soil. Flowering plants that either thrive in or tolerate acidic soil make the best companions, whether ...

Acid Loving Companion Plants for Blueberries

A mature kiwifruit vine can produce more than 200 pounds of fruit. ( Supposedly only to zone 8 and I'm in 9; they appear to be a challenging plant to grow.

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How To Grow Cucumbers

Next Garden Projects DIY

How To Grow and Prepare Horseradish

Grow + Prepare Horseradish

How to Make the Ultimate Compost Bin

The Ultimate Compost Bin

The Great Cucumber Growing Challenge - Organic Gardening - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

The Great Cucumber Growing Challenge

Building a Greenhouse: plans for this 6x8 greenhouse cost only $150 including the hardware!

Bepa's Garden: Building a Greenhouse

How to Make Compost Tea

How to Make Compost Tea

White cherry tomatoes

Cherry Tomato - The 10 Best Cherry Tomatoes | Veggie Gardener

very informative article about backyard orchards, planting, pruning correctly to keep trees small etc.

Backyard Orchard Culture

Outstanding post on perennial staple crops for food forests #permaculture #ediblelandscaping

Perennial Staple Crops of the World

winter composting

Tips for Winter Composting