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Gamora bracer tutorial

This is so cool! Alright, I'm working on a Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy Movie version) Cosplay bit by bit. Here's a single bit I just finished. Her bracers, made with leather so I could always pass them off at f.

Renaissance Men's Tunic LARP SCA LG XLG Dr Brown | eBay

The sleeves would be tied down, of course. and then there'd be more color, unless you're an assassin or spy or something.

Muddy Colors: Robin Hood- Greg Manchess

Whether or not you believe in the legends, Robin Hood is a great English hero

skinnbroge based on Thorsberg (Norwegian Website) Beautiful embroidery and careful reproductions

Amazing photos (Norwegian Website) Beautiful embroidery and careful reproductions

Costume -Green Suede Pants -

Buy the Green Suede Trousers for sale in our UK shop. Buy Roman, Viking & Medieval swords, weapons, helmets, armour & clothing for sale in our UK shop

Lederwams Ledertunika grün

Lederwams Ledertunika grün

Happs Bydon - Ehemaliger Bandit in der Bande des Hirschkönigs                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr

The Ranger This build has been something that I have spent several playthroughs trying to perfect. I haven't seen many ranger builds on here, so I t…