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Yogli Mogli Self Serve Frozen Yogurt Bar, Sandy Springs GA. Every Friday when my mom picked my sister and I up from school, we would beg her to take us to Yogli Mogli for frozen yogurt. It was the most hip place to hang out, and we would always run into a friend (or sometimes, we would hope, a crush!). Our school was just up Roswell Road and everyone who was anyone would meet up there. Definitely a place to stop by if you have kids or love a good cup of froyo!

This is my best color palette idea. The blues from tumblr, facebook, and twitter; the red from pinterest; the yellow from snapchat; and all the colors from instagram's logo. Because what's more mainstream than social media?

S'mores ingredients in berry boxes to carry down to the campfire #designsponge #dssummerparty