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a hippo statue sitting on top of a lush green hillside under a blue sky
The Lost Cow is an abandoned little cow hut, but not only that: it is also and more importantly the cutest haikyo! It is famous for its unique and quirky cuteness and became an agreeable stop-over for all the explorers passing by this area. It once was a little shop selling delicious milky ice-cream.
an abandoned building surrounded by trees and bushes in the woods on a hill side with lots of vegetation growing around it
The hotel one man dug out of solid rock #2 interior | Mike Grist
"The hotel one man dug out of solid rock...CATACOMBS / CAVES, HAIKYO...Takahashi Minekichi was a rural Japanese strawberry farmer...For 21 years he carved the beginnings of a grand hotel into the solid rock wall of a cliff face on his land...He did it all alone, using only a chisel, until the day he died in 1925...never completed, and no rooms beyond the lobby and kitchen/shrine were ever dug. No-one ever stayed there, but still it remains to this day, thoroughly fenced off and out of bounds"
an old trolley car sitting on the side of a road next to trees and water
Japan’s ropeway that died | Mike Grist
okutama ropeway haikyo
an old typewriter sitting on top of a wooden table next to a framed photo
Report - Berkyn Manor House - Horton - Sept 2012
an empty room with bookshelves full of books and a fire place in the middle
Crook Manor - April 2013 by urbecks, via Flickr Look at all those books - all deserted and probably never to be read again...
a camel sitting in front of an ancient building
HenzG User Profile | DeviantArt
Ruins of Petra, Jordan
an old building with stairs leading up to it
haunted mansion -- would love to own
A haunted derelict palace in Poland
two chairs sitting in an old room with peeling paint on the walls and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling
an old building with lots of windows in the middle of trees and bushes around it
From the valley to the stars
an old library with lots of books on the floor
Library in abandoned house
Library in abandoned house
an empty room with broken windows and debris on the floor, in front of a chalkboard
Tokyo Times
Haikyo - Tokyo Times