Crafts for Mother's Day

Crafts for Mother's Day

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Gardener (Gardening gifts) |

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Gardener - Crafty Morning

Chalkboard and Decoupage Pots

Handmade & Heartfelt: 5 DIY Gift Projects | Spoonful

Mod Podge Photo Flower Pot. Great gift idea!

Mother’s Day Gift Idea – Picture Flower Pot

Awesome Mothers day idea!

Mod Podge Photo Flower Pots
  • Rosie Fernandez
    Rosie Fernandez

    This is exactly what I will be working on tonight!!!! LOVE IT!

  • Jennie phelan
    Jennie phelan

    Love these, where do you get them done?

  • Gloria Furley
    Gloria Furley


  • Esther Lee
    Esther Lee

    cool! love the idea

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Trace your hand on white paper and cut out.Take short length orange pipe cleaner,twist it to the end of a long green pipe cleaner so the ens stick up like a "V" with droopy ears. This is flower's center. Wrap the hand print around the top of the green pipe cleaner and tape Poke hole in middle of double leaves & thread onto pipe cleaner Wrap tape around stem below the leaves

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  • Esther Lee
    Esther Lee


  • Leona Bohannon
    Leona Bohannon

    So cute gotta do this one. Thank you!

  • Maria Martinez
    Maria Martinez

    so cutte

  • Isabella Panasiuk
    Isabella Panasiuk


  • Naomi Martin
    Naomi Martin

    So cute! I'm gonna try this out for my mum in 2 days. Fingers crossed she likes it! (y wouldn't she?!)

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favors#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

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  • Bronwyn Sandeman
    Bronwyn Sandeman


  • Christina Hostler
    Christina Hostler

    Perfect idea as a thank you gift to the teachers that have my autistic support students in their regular education classrooms!

{handprint aprons for mother's day} - Simply Kierste Jenni Ramoya Juntunen Juntunen Juntunen Juntunen Juntunen Juntunen Morales - for nancy pants from the kids for xmas.

Mother's Day Handprint Aprons |
  • Jacqueline De Leon
    Jacqueline De Leon

    That's Cute!

  • Sarah Lawrence
    Sarah Lawrence


Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase... Adorable for Mother's Day!

Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase

Great mothers day idea!

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  • Sharon Hadden-Patterson
    Sharon Hadden-Patterson

    I love this idea

  • Patricia Talley
    Patricia Talley

    Great idea!

Next year- Mother's Day project-hold a small chalkboard with their answer

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Mother's Day Art Print - Personalized Hand and Foot

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Cute LOVE U Hand Prints printable - perfect gift for Valentine's Day! { } #valentines

Love U Hand Prints Gift

Several of hand and foot crafts

Fun Handprint and Footprint Art

Scripture Memory Bible Verse Card Set Comfort and Encouragement Mothers Day Gift.

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  • Serena Erb
    Serena Erb

    Hi Mom its Grace!

  • Mand Landon
    Mand Landon

    great idea

take a Old Favorite Family Recipe in your Mom, grandma, great grandma, aunt, etc. handwriting and burn it onto a Cutting Board using a scan of the original recipe card ~ Would make a treasured Christmas gift, Mother's Day or Wedding Shower gift.

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  • Trudy Holland
    Trudy Holland

    How do you burn it?

  • Kristen Sciallo
    Kristen Sciallo

    how do you burn it?

  • Suparna Roychoudhury
    Suparna Roychoudhury

    Use a cloth iron.

  • Madison Jones
    Madison Jones

    What is that????????????////

  • Trudy Holland
    Trudy Holland

    What is a cloth iron?

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Mother's Day idea

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  • Marivel Paiz
    Marivel Paiz

    This is such an adorable idea

  • sandra pena
    sandra pena

    that is a beautiful present !

  • linda hamilton
    linda hamilton

    loveeeeee this. working on mine right now.

Mothers day idea

The Thriftress: Quick Mother's Day Craft
  • Seanie O'Se
    Seanie O'Se

    Lovely idea!

  • Reina Palmer
    Reina Palmer

    Is a good idea to do with my kids

  • Anamari Martinez
    Anamari Martinez

    I am loving it

Cute Mother's Day gift

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  • Tiffany Meadows
    Tiffany Meadows

    Such a cute idea, and easy to do in my classroom!! :)

  • Veronica Garcia
    Veronica Garcia

    I love this. This is such a great idea and very special.

  • Theresa Judd
    Theresa Judd

    great idea for my grand children too their mommas

  • Vicky

    I absolutely love the Mother's Day gift. My daycare is making this gift for their mothers.

cute! Craft Stick Folding Mother's Day Card Craft

Mother's Day Crafts for Kids
  • betsywhite


  • kayla pop
    kayla pop

    You get the sticks paint them then tape the back and then paint over the back, At least that's how i did it

  • Reina Palmer
    Reina Palmer

    I love it is wonderful

  • Victoria Star
    Victoria Star

    Great Idea!

  • Nicolas. kouassi
    Nicolas. kouassi

    It is cute, i love it

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Mothers Day Crafts - 9 recycled crafts that make great Mother's Day gifts from the kids.

9 Recycled Mother's Day Crafts - No Time For Flash Cards
  • suzana mahromi
    suzana mahromi

    Great ideas!

.mother's day or daddy's day ideas

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  • michelle ♡
    michelle ♡

    i love it

  • Mona Kumar
    Mona Kumar

    I like it

  • Angelajane Jaugan
    Angelajane Jaugan

    Very unique !!

  • Taylor Goldberg
    Taylor Goldberg


  • Jessica Wooldridge
    Jessica Wooldridge

    Awesome im totally doing this for my mom!!!!

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"You are my sunshine" So cute! Created with little footprints!

Little Fingers & Toes for Mother's Day - G is for Gift
  • lee ann daugherty
    lee ann daugherty

    Great for a first Mother's day remembrance.

Preschool Mother's Day Craft (photo only)

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Mother's Day handprint and footprint gifts: "You Are My Sunshine" Print by Pitter Patter Print at Etsy

Little Fingers & Toes for Mother's Day - G is for Gift