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10 Gorgeous Shade Plants that LOVE Shade

Sweet Woodruff This is a perfect shade loving plant if you have a shady, difficult spot you want to cover. These white flowers will bloom in May and June. They are simple and even smell great too! - Garden Tips and Tricks

St. Benedict’s herb (herba benedicta) a member of the Rose family…

Benedict’s herb (herba benedicta) a member of the Rose family… - Garden With Style

Angelique Tulips...very fresh and lovely

Angelique Tulips by susangir My favorite tulip.

Yellow peonies, I don't think I've ever seen them before

I went to the Monterey Bay Rose Society show yesterday, along with my new camera. Very challenging venue in which to take pictures, but a couple came out well, I think.

Geum Urbanum a perineal in the rose family, grows in shady areas of Europe and Middle East.

Geum Urbanum - known as Wood Avens, the herb Bennet, Colewort and St. Benedict's herb - is a perennial plant in the rose family which grows in shady places in Europe and the Middle East (photo by Frank Dereralso)

Easter garden #flowers

I LOVE lily-flowered tulips. Most kinds of tulips are.

Oleander (Nerium oleander).

Oleander (Nerium oleander) beautiful, but remember toxic to pets

Adenium obesum [Desert Rose] - Triple Purple Aloha.

A very nice double purple. I do have a thing for purple or blue flowers. I understand purples are hard to breed for in Adeniums with only or so resulting in the hybrid seed.


Dahlia Garden - Floral Ombre - Multi - DIGITAL PRINT how happy r these colors wow this would be good in a wheel barrow also

Three Dogs in a Garden

Clematis are popular for their diverse flower forms and colors, as well as their ability to grow virtually anywhere! Learn more about planting, supporting and pruning Clematis from Three Dogs in a Garden.


Tribute with love bu Jacqui O fairytale flowers ️LO

Outdoor living

make with twigs, put on top of fountain planter

Rosa 'Prieuré de St Cosme' (France, 2008)

Rosa 'Prieuré de St Cosme' (France, - Gardening For Today

'Brass Band' Rose - I would "strike up the band" to have at least one plant of these lovelies.

~~Brass Band Roses - Living Color Photography - Lorraine Lynch~~ This is a beautiful beautiful rose.

25 High Heat Flowers For Hot Summer Areas!!

High Heat Flowers For Hot Summer Areas - All of those empty spaces in your planting beds? Replace your fried flowers with these 25 High Heat Flowers For Hot Summer Areas!

Daylily 'Snow Prince'

Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Snow Prince') in the Daylilies Database