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Diana Milea

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Diana Milea
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illustration and inanity by amrit brar

musterni-illustrates: “—- and there we have it! the sequel to the first shitty horoscopes zine, we get a little more specific with shitty horoscopes, book ii: anger.

My hands are itching for embroidery, I've found the perfect thing to start with ਮਾਸਟਰਨੀ

musterni-illustrates: “- shitty horoscopes book vii: magick - read the entire shitty horoscopes zine series here.

Amrit Brar's Portfolio - Book XI: Illuminate

- The Shitty Horoscopes Anthology is now funding on Kickstartershitty horoscopes book xi: illuminate amrit brar

musterni - illustrates horoscope - Google Search

- The Shitty Horoscopes anthology is now funding on Kickstarter! shitty horoscopes book vi: after the fall. a volume that took way too long about life after february, and life after (or during) the.

Amrit Brar's Portfolio - Book XII: Obituaries — reminds me of something I wrote the other day..

Its a curse, i presume.illustration and inanity by amrit brar — -The Shitty Horoscopes anthology is in its last.

illustration and inanity by amrit brar

‘Libra - Shitty Horoscopes Book V: Love Sells’ by musterni

shitty horoscopes book iv: resolutions. it’s a new year.

FAQ: What are the specific birthstones for Libra ? – LIbra Birthstone are pink opal and lapis lazuli. What are Aries birthstone colors? What semi-precious birthstones are a match for the Aries sign…