diana guttierrez

diana guttierrez

diana guttierrez
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beanie, hoodie, oversized flannel. every day please.

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Stunning Stripped Mid Dress White Blouse and Heels Summer Look

if only i had somewhere to dress like this, love the whole outfit down to the toes! Stunning Stripped Mid Dress White Blouse and Heels Summer Look

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Tie yarn around a paint roller for an awesome effect.first paint a base color with plain roller.then pick another great color and go over it with the yarn roller !

cool stuff for teens | Trying to select the right plastic furniture for teen rooms can be a ...

Check out these top 12 lovely chairs! Chairs are more than just comfortable pieces of furniture. A great chair design can enliven the room and be memorable.

I'm totally gonna do it! I just have to rearrange every piece of furniture in my room. But that should be easy-peasy!

Hanging chairs for bedrooms are making a comeback? Don't be left behind. Access bedroom swing chair photo gallery from top interior designers Get inspired FREE!

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Photo's lit up with fairy lights then hung up along the wall. This is so creative and looks amazing! Fairy lights make everything better. I try to find fairy lights in certain shapes such as hearts and stars!