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Library & Learning Space Design Ideas

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Amazing, beautiful & inspiring images of a variety of library and learning spaces. Learning space design is a fantastic, growing field & there's plenty of ideas here on this board to inspire you to transform your learning space, whether it's a library, classroom, studio or even a room in your house. Learn about how learning space design can impact your students & kids.

6 Ways to Rethink Your Library Space and Make it Amazing | Over the course of five years, I've worked to renovated and redesign the library at Stewart Middle Magnet. Here, I share what I learn in six lessons that you can apply to your own library or classroom.

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How to Identify and Reframe DESIGN PROBLEMS in your library space | When looking at our library spaces, we can often intuitively tell when something is wrong. By identifying these problems and reframing them in a way that focuses on their effects on students, we can advocate for change.

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This article from School Library Journal has lots of fantastic, budget friendly ideas for changing up and transforming your library space.

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How to Get Library Design Inspiration: 6 Places to Visit | Many people think that the main place to get ideas for library space design is in other school libraries. However, we have much to learn from other types of learning environments. Here, I suggest six places for getting library design inspiration. @DianaLRendina

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Transforming a brick wall into a climbing wall. This could be a simple, affordable way to bring more play and physical activity into a space (article in Spanish).

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Read this Book: The Language of School Design | In this amazing work on learning space design, the authors identify 29 different design patterns for 21st century schools. Included are many pictures, graphics and examples of the 29 design patterns. Some of these patterns include: cave space, daylight, connection to community, and indoor-outdoor connection. This is a fantastic book to inspire changes in our learning spaces to make them more conducive to 21st century learning.

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How to Transform Your Library on a Budget | In my post for AASL Knowledge Quest, I share advice and ideas learned from transforming the library at Stewart Middle Magnet over the course of five years on a small budget.

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5 Easy Ways to Make Space for Innovation | Innovation is a hot topic in education, and it's essential for educators to find ways to support innovation in our students. In this article for AASL Knowledge Quest, I share five different ways that you can change up your library or classroom space to make room for innovation.

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Steven Weber on

I love how vibrant and flexible this space is. Looks like a fun and comfortable place to learn! | Steven Weber @curriculumblog Learning Space | Bright, Flexible, and Student-Friendly-I would love to have this furniture! Break the mold!

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How to Create a Floorplan of Your Space Using Excel | In this tutorial, learn how to hack Microsoft Excel to create a floorplan of your space. This is an excellent tool for rethinking and redesigning learning spaces, including classrooms and libraries.

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