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13 és 56507 és 59502 -s színekből.

13 és 56507 és 59502 -s színekből.

Knitted Sample - I found this stashbusting and very simple slip stitch knit pattern at Knitting-and website.

Mosaic Garter: Slip 1 stitch purlwise with yarn in back of work. Alternative to linen stitch?

Ravelry: Project Gallery for Paintbox Log Cabin Blanket pattern by Katherine Keyes

Another knitted log cabin blanket. Beautiful colour handling in this example, don't you think?

2012-08-16 Granny square blanket - unsatisfactory start

I’ve been playing with borders on the granny squares all week. I finally rejected my plan of bordering each square after trying it on a module. The result (photo later in post) end…

Ravelry: Sunita's Double Knit New Yorker with Woven Windows pattern by Loani Prior - Free pattern on Ravelry!

Sunita's Double Knit New Yorker with Woven Windows free pattern by Loani Prior on Ravelry posted by Queen of the Tea Cosy

Great pattern, great colours

Ravelry: Dune Shawl English Version pattern by Eclectic Gipsyland Beautiful color pallet

Chameleon Baby Blanket By Tracy St. John - Free Crochet.  In my downloads library.

This fun afghan crochet pattern is sure to become a keepsake! Give this Chameleon Baby Blanket as a gift or save it and cuddle up underneath. It's perfect for all ages. Using colorful variegated yarn makes this crochet baby blanket pattern shine.

waiting for the muse: this is so wonderful, sigh. made by Amona

knitted blanket 2012 by amona, This is knitted, but the colour & pattern would make a beautiful quilt

So many projects (and color combinations!) to browse through with this one. It's a cowl, it's a hood, it's a cape. ...most important: it's free.

Any gauge - designed for any gauge, yards Ravelry Inspira knitting pattern. Not as difficult as it looks! Free pattern on Ravelry.