TWA's Best Apps of 2015

TWA's Best Apps of 2015

Paper slide videos- You can use them in any subject, and your students will be engaged creating them! This blog post uses social studies as an example, but ideas are given for reading, math, writing, and science. Students need little technology but a lot of creativity!

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Apps to Support Diverse Learners in the Classroom | Edutopia

EpicWin Launch Trailer

Two Useful iPad Apps to Create Classroom Posters ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

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5 Back to School iPad Activities - So many ideas for using iPads in creative ways in the beginning of the year for icebreakers, games, and all-about-me projects! FREE download at the link.

5 back to school creative icebreaker activities on the iPad | Technology Erintegration

Zooburst App....Augmented Reality

Zooburst iPad App - 3D Storybooks with extra Augmented Reality

Five Apps to get you started using Augmented Reality in Education

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Diane Milewski

Audioboo - an app that allows you to record voice and gives a link. Idea: have students draw a picture of a poem. Then record their voice reading the poem with audioboo. Turn the link of their voice into a QR code and post on the poem drawing. Visitors to classroom can scan the code and hear the poem while looking at the bulletin board.

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▶ Top 5 Speech Therapy iPad apps -

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pine needle discovery bottles - Make with the kids at preschool. Add water, pine needles, and glitter to a water bottle and hot glue cap on top.

A pine needle in a bottle

5 Reasons to Use Nearpod in the Classroom - Nearpod is a free tool that you can use to create enriched multimedia presentations. Great guest blog post by Jen Kimbrell of Tech with Jen

Corkboard Connections: 5 Reasons to Use Nearpod in the Classroom

Top Apps for Auditory Processing Disorder - pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our ped therapy, school & special ed pins

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A new app makes it simple to digitally capture those tiny fingers and toes, with zero mess.

Handpresssions on weeSpring

10 Video Projects Every Teacher Should Try

We Are Teachers

Show What You Know!

Show What You Know Using Web & Mobile Apps [Infographic]

ZooKazam - a great free iOS app for Augmented Reality in the Science classroom

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App Smashing! The art of merging content from a variety of apps to generate a unique finished product. Sounds pretty cool, right? That’s because this latest edtech craze is an app-solutley amazing way for students to really unleash their creativity…

Positively Smashing: Photo Mapo, Pic Collage & Thinglink

IPAD Apps by subject

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Blooms's Taxonomy for iPads

Bloom's Taxonomy and iPad Apps

iPad Apps for EVERY Classroom (Even if you have only 1 iPad) by Karen Ogen

Karen Ogen - Karen Ogen: Educational Technology Portfolio

Back to School ideas - How to use the iPad in the first few weeks of school.

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Check out my post at The Tutor House: Free Math Apps By Grade Level

Free Math Apps By Grade Level

Poster Featuring 11 Ways to Use Technology in Classroom ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning @Thomas Marban DeVere Wolsey

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Do you want to know how to use an iPad in the classroom... yeah... we got you covered... This is a MUST GET pack to save you time and effort.

Sharing Kindergarten: iPad 101

AAC Apps and ASD, Best Practices

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