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gym humor...my life story haha

I'm a bank teller and let me tell you, maybe two outta 10 times, it's flirting Depends if your name is Ty!

LOL, that's why I can't take more than a few days off from working out. I feel so bad afterwards!

- I haven't been to the gym since Wednesday and have been eating like crap and drinking all weekend in key west so this is literally how I'm feeling. On my way back home now and the first thing I'm hitting is legs to put these excessive carbs to good use


This cracked me up. My wonderful teacher, Raul De Leon often worked me for hrs without stirrups. It got to where I preferred to ride and jump without them

I like wallballs best when you are really tired, and the ball punches you in the face. #crossfit.

Well, someone I know likes to do this with items they throw in trashcans.then it bounces of their head.were's that hard hat again, they need to take out the trash.

I Hate Burpees And Pants

Sorry for what I said when I was doing burpees! Burpees suck - funny memes for people who crossfit and love fitness