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If I am silent it's because there's thunder inside me. Or I'm just chillin, it depends. May the odd be ever in your favor

I want to be a nice person, but everyone is just so stupid.

This is how I feel when dealing with the public at work. You know all the jokes that are made about Wal-Mart and some of the people who shop there? It's hard to be nice when you deal with some questionable people. Me everyday!

funny smart dumb humor old age memory adult sometimes i shock myself with the smart stuff i say and do. Then, there are times when I try to get out of the car with my seat belt on.

I'm the most laid back high maintenance person you will ever meet. All my people with anxiety are SO easy-going. until the anxiety strikes.

Vintage Humour - Full Scholarship I want this on a T shirt!

You are welcome :)

Or just "free food". Though I will be disappointed if I turn around to no free food. Or chocolate

Funny, but not funny.This is the best, most brief, most accurate way I have ever seen anxiety summed up.

It's cute and I think being a bitch is called for at times. being kind trumps being a bitch every time and situations favor those that are kind 🖤🎶🖤