I chose this bathroom because this has the same theme of my bedroom and I hope to have a bathroom that I have space to do stuff. I grew up with a very small bathroom with four people using it. I hope to be able to as much space as I need in my bathroom.

The guest bathroom isn't complete yet but our contractor is already pressing me to make some decisons for the next project, our master bath. The big impact elements are the tile, cabinetry and countertops. These items take up the greatest...

love this tub I love stone and I love things that are different but can blend in like it should be there. My house is country, and primitive and I don't see why a stone tub wouldn't look beautiful in my bathroom picturing it now yup it looks perfect.

Our most important post-holiday tip for a Take some time to treat yourself! After a season spent hustling and bustling to create memorable holiday gatherings, a hostess deserves some time with a good book, a good bath and definitely a good drink!

I like the shower head and the size of the shower in general.-A walk-in shower with no glass. Win. A tub that could also face out so that you could see the fireplace in the bedroom from the tub, with windows along the wall for lots of light. Double bonus.

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